Leaflets & Flyers

The Cost Effective Way of Communication

Influence of Leaflets and Handouts

Leaflets and FlyersFlyers and leaflets are an affordable means of communicating with your target market. They’re perfect for delivering information that is valuable about services and products; they generate interest and create knowledge. They are mostly created at a low cost, distributed via the post, papers and magazines, from dispensers at the point of sale, or at events and exhibits.

It doesn’t matter how great your product or service is, if no one knows of your existence, you will never get quite far. Flyers and printed leaflets are an economical means of marketing and communicating with your existing database and to new customers – this is an old system that is cost effective and encourages an exponential return on investment.

Our Approach

Whether it’s as a one off leaflet or part of your total advertising package that you need to create, we can help. We’ll assist you to make sure that the message and the content contained in your leaflets are results driven and will make sure that you attain the maximum possible return on your investment.

A leaflet’s content can contain:

  • Description of service or the product
  • The way the product/service is used
  • Primary advantages to the customer
  • Associated products or services
  • Commercial information including availability and cost
  • An obvious call to action
  • Contact details

We create flyers and powerful leaflets that can do three things: capture your readers’ attention, generate interest in your product and ask the receiver for an action.