Corporate identity starts with a sharp logo

Influence of Corporate Identity

Corporate IdentityA corporate identity is the overall image of a product or business in the minds of customers. It ought to be one of the primary tasks of the company to build and maintain this identity to accord with and facilitate the achievement of business goals. Corporate brands’ style is emotionally strong and only a sight of the logo, even a mere flash on screen, is enough to make customers act honestly or creatively.

Corporate identity is generally viewed as being composed of three components:

  • Corporate Design (logos, corporate colors, uniforms, etc.)
  • Corporate Communication (information, advertisements, public relations, etc.)
  • Corporate Conduct (internal values, standards, norms, etc.)

Our approach towards Corporate Identity

At Novateur, we’ve got vast expertise in design and marketing strategy to develop concepts which are both manageable and creative. To be able to develop a brand that can attain growth, we look in every way the internal components of the brand, allowing us to get to the base of every part of how a brand needs to be placed and what makes it distinct.

Along with custom logo design service, we help businesses create an entire brand identity package, which generally contains:

  • Customized and Creative Logo
  • Catchy Tagline
  • Business Card, Letterhead and Envelope Design
  • Brand Standards and Guidelines Documentation